Saturday, December 3, 2011


This review will contain no less than four different subjects. All for the price of one!

If you couldn't tell this one is gonna be about Bioshock!

Personally, I think these are the best games ever. The story, the detail, the characters that were put into it, the atmosphere. Everything is so tied together. I know some have complained that the sequel didn't add anything new to the game playing wise, but I think they are neglecting that it really does add to the story.

When you play the two games along with reading the prequel book that recently came out you get even more of the story. While the book did put a slight damper on my theories that Bioshock and Fall Out take place in the same universe, Fall Out being the future of the world outside of Rapture, it didn't crush my theories completely. I was fascinated watching Rapture rise and fall as Andrew Ryan (get it? Andrew Ryan, Ayn Rand? His nemesis calls himself Atlas as in Atlas Shrugged) grew more paranoid and further from his own espoused ideals because others were encroaching on his success.

The first two games are based on the writings of Ayn Rand and her ilk. Capitalism being truly allowed to run free and no restraints on innovation, business, or technology no matter the human cost.While I am not exactly certain of what the third Bioshock will bring. From the trailers and clips it would appear that the premise is based on extreme patriotism and xenophobia but only time will tell.

If you can't play these games, definitely look up clips on youtube. It is not one that dissapoints.

At one point in time there were talks of a movie, but sadly, the movie seems to have been shelved indefinitely.

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