Monday, October 3, 2011

Ernest Scard Stupid

If you couldn't tell, this blog is updated kind of randomly! I tend to update when I feel like it, if I've seen something that I think needs to be reviewed or whatever.

This time around, I'll be reviewing a classic that I have loved since I was a wee little child only so high. Of course I am talking about the troll-tastic Ernest Scared Stupid!

How can you not watch this at Halloween? Even Christmas, I mean, it's got the spirit of Christmas to it. Gifts to the town come from a tree, etc. 

This show made my Halloween when I was younger. I loved every minute of Ernest's slapstick and most everything about this movie. It wasn't until later, as I grew older, that I thought how weird it is that the people in this town let their children hang around Ernest. But that's my jaded era showing through. On a recent re-watch, though, I didn't find the movie too dated (other than thinking about how a movie where an adult hung around a bunch of little kids would not be treated so lightheartedly in our current cultural climate) which is not something I can say for other movies made around the same time. I'm not sure if it's because this movie wasn't too focused on looking at "hip kid culture" and was more looking at a man who is not the brightest crayon in the box, but has a good heart.

Movies like this just aren't made anymore, it was like watching a live action cartoon. Reality didn't matter. There was a Jack Russel that was fully capable of driving a dump truck, so nitpicking about the physics of some of the "troll traps" and what have you was kind of pointless.

The entire premise of the movie revolves around a troll that left a curse on the town. Part of the curse ended up being Ernest himself, while the other part was that Ernest would bring the troll back to life. Ernest is the town idiot so no one believes him (or the children that hang out with him) about the trolls. Trolls which Ernest brought back while pointing out how stupid the curse was and how it would never happen.

Anyone who has seen another of my favorite cheesy/"scary" movies, Killer Klowns From Outer Space (if you have not seen that one, go, now... I'll wait) might recognize the trolls as they repainted the Klown costumes to use in this one.
Also with some adjustments to hair....and pies...

I am aware that some of my friends feel themselves to be too cool to watch movies like this, but you know what I say? I say that much like Ernest you need to keep your childlike heart with you and you should never know when to quit (things like this).

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